Review of ‘Between Nowhere And Goodbye’

Here’s a cd review of our latest record by Imperiumi.

Music video for You Bow To No One

You Bow To No One -video premiere

We are proud to present our music video for the song ‘You Bow To No One’ at BioRex Hämeenlinna on Saturday 22nd of January at 23.00 sharp. The video premiere is open for everybody there is free entry for this spectacular event. We welcome you all to come there and see the stunning work that both director Miika Hakala and actor Raimo Grönberg did for this music video. Before Saturday you can get in the mood by watching the sneak preview of the video here.

Happy New Year 2011!

Distained would like to wish you all a great new year 2011! In our point of view last year

was once again pretty eventful and filled with challenges. We had some line-up changes

which are always a little distracting but we still managed to record a new EP ‘Between Nowhere

and Goodbye’ and play a few gigs in some new places.

Now it is time to look forward and see what year 2011 brings along. At least we are planning

to shoot a music video for ‘You Bow to No One’, play more gigs and of course write some new

Distained material! That’s all for now, stay tuned for updates.


A reformation in Distained camp

After the rollercoaster ride called “The Year 2010″ we find ourselves saying goodbye to our rhythm guitarist Tatu Suomalainen. Tatu performed like a champ both on stage and on our latest record, but sometimes life has a way of messing things up and thus we find that our paths must go on in seperate directions. He has our gratitude and respect!

Enter Tony Helaakoski (former Amession)! This brave man has taken on the task of heavy guitarism with great pride, and is sure to blow you all away with sound that goes up to 11 (and beyond!) The Distained engine is heating up and ready to hit the Finnish stages, so keep an eye on that gig calendar.

Introducing our new record

Studio Diary – Part 2

Here is the second and last part of our studio diary from our recording sessions.

Studio Diary – Part 1

This is the first part of our studio diary. There will be more where this came from..

Distained goes to studio

Distained will once again enter the Matrixtor studio in Hämeenlinna! Starting on Saturday the 4tht we’ll be working for 5 days on our new record. We’ll keep you updated as everything progresses and share our little studio adventure with you! Stay tuned.

Photos from August Rock

There are now some pictures from our gig at the traditional August Rock festival in the photos section.

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